We provide government clients with detailed analysis and tailored affordable housing strategies to better meet the needs of their communities.

We have worked with more than 40 Councils across Australia on planning strategies to facilitate their involvement in affordable housing. Including:

  • Land audits for affordable housing partnerships
  • Planning incentives (density bonuses) and related economic modelling, formulae, detailed housing sub-market analysis
  • Detailed site and precinct analysis
  • Affordable housing provisions and controls in LEPs and DCPs
  • Community consultation, participation and education campaigns

We can provide Councils across NSW (metropolitan, regional and rural) with expert research and analysis to prepare locally-tailored:

  • Local Housing Strategies
  • Affordable Housing Contributions Schemes
  • Voluntary Planning Agreements for the purpose of affordable housing
  • Evaluation frameworks to monitor the impact of established Affordable Housing Contributions Schemes

We provide business clients, particularly affordable housing and new generation boarding house developers, with expert advice regarding facilities, design, amenity and plans of management in order to ensure compliance with assessment under Section 4.15 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (NSW) and relevant State Environmental Planning Policies, particularly Social Impacts Assessments (SIAs) to accompany Development Applications.

Affordable Housing Strategy
Griffith City Council
JSA is currently assisting Griffith City Council with the preparation of the Griffith Affordable Housing Strategy 2019.  The Strategy will aim to ensure that residential land and housing markets in Griffith deliver on objectives of affordability, diversity, accessibility and innovative design.  The Strategy will provide Council with direction on how to address the current housing shortage, which is impairing local businesses who are finding it difficult to recruit staff due to the lack of affordable housing. The Griffith Affordable Housing Strategy 2019 will provide valuable economic and social benefits to the City and Region.

Shoalhaven Affordable Housing Strategy
Shoalhaven City Council
Judith Stubbs and Associates prepared extensive research and evidence base to support the Shoalhaven Affordable Housing Strategy. The Shoalhaven has historically been an affordable area, but a range of factors have resulted in it now being one of the least affordable areas for both low income purchasers and renters in the Illawarra-Shoalhaven Region. While housing in the Shoalhaven may still cost less compared with much of the Illawarra, the incomes of local people are also much lower due largely to a very high number of older people on pensions and benefits, the influx of lower income households from Sydney seeking cheaper accommodation and high levels of social disadvantage.
The Strategy recognises the need for strong intervention through the planning system and the direct creation of affordable housing; the need for smaller, well located dwellings near transport and services that will also meet the demands of a rapidly aging population as their needs and abilities change over time; as well as culturally appropriate affordable housing opportunities for the Shoalhaven’s Aboriginal community. The Strategy seeks to target the most effective policy solutions in the context of these local challenges and directions.

Affordable Housing Strategy
North Sydney Council

JSA has worked closely with North Sydney Council since 2008 to strategically address the loss of affordable housing in the area including DCP and LEP provisions to support affordable housing, practical recommendations to supply new affordable housing on publicly owned partnership sites.

Download: Affordable Housing & SEPP

Affordable Housing Options Paper for Fishermans Bend, Melbourne
Places Victoria

Fishermans Bend is Australia’s largest urban renewal project in the heart of Melbourne. JSA developed a detailed demographic, economic and housing market analysis evidence base for a range of practical options to deliver affordable housing in the precinct.

Planning Controls to Support Housing Affordability & Choice
Wyong Shire Council

JSA worked with Wyong Shire Council to identify how the planning system could be used to facilitate the delivery of affordable housing. A range of detailed practical mechanisms were proposed, ranging from ways of facilitating market delivery to direct provision of affordable housing.

Achieving Affordable and Diverse Housing in Regeneration Areas, Western Australia
Western Australian Planning Commission

The study looked at constraints and opportunities to deliver affordable and diverse housing in four urban regeneration areas in the Perth Peel area. We provided practical recommendations as to how this could be achieved. Many of the recommendations were taken up by government.