JSA has expertise in the design and implementation of qualitative and quantitative research with people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, including people with complex mental health, drug and alcohol and special support and housing needs. We work to develop effective solutions for such groups, including in relation to affordable and supported housing solutions. We provide:

  • Detailed analysis of statistics, relevant data and reports
  • Interviews and workshops with key informants including services and service users
  • Setting up primary data collection methods for use by others to better understand the nature and extent of the homeless population in a local area
  • Detailed field work in collaboration with outreach services including ‘street counts’, interviews and field observations of people experiencing homelessness and those at risk of homelessness.

City of Coffs Harbour Homelessness Issues and Options Investigation
Coffs Harbour City Council

Homelessness, and housing affordability and availability, is a major issue of concern for the City of Coffs Harbour community. Increasing homelessness among more traditional groups, as well as the growing number of people who would once have been able to afford private rental or home purchase in recent years, means that the topic of homelessness receives consistent media attention, with the Coffs Harbour community identifying affordable housing as a top priority in the recently updated Community Strategic Plan 2032.
JSA’s recent research for the City of Coffs Harbour draft Affordable Housing Strategy has found that a ‘perfect storm’ of housing, funding, economic and environmental factors has resulted in an affordable housing crisis in Coffs Harbour LGA, and growing homelessness amongst even those who would once have been able to access private rental, including lower income working people and moderate income families, and has intensified impacts for more vulnerable people.
JSA has reviewed the City of Coffs Harbour’s current work on understanding the homelessness situation in the LGA and has documented several case studies from regional and rural areas in Australia where local government has facilitated a positive outcome in meeting the challenges of homelessness. JSA has made recommendations to the City that are place-based and take full consideration of the local environment and policy settings.

The nature and extent of homelessness, at-risk of homelessness and financial vulnerability in Cardinia
Cardinia Shire Council

JSA completed a comprehensive study that explores the volume, nature, demography and drivers of homelessness, those ‘at-risk’ of homelessness and financial vulnerable, in the Cardinia Shire using a range of quantitative and qualitative research methods and data sources. This study provides Council with a better understanding of characteristics, circumstances and needs of these groups within the community in order to inform the development of more effective responses including policies, strategies and advocacy. This report is the first of its kind for Cardinia Shire Council and provides a background for the development of a comprehensive housing strategy based on its recommendations.

Link to summary of the research findings

Review of homelessness food services
Parramatta City Council

JSA delivered a comprehensive and multi-method research project to better understand the way free and low cost food is being provided to people who are homeless, at risk of homelessness or otherwise vulnerable and food insecure in the primarily in and around the Parramatta CBD. Research included an on-ground audit of over twenty free and low cost food services, interviews with service providers, volunteers, clients, local businesses and public space users. We also reviewed approach and experience of three other metropolitan Councils associated with the distribution of free and low cost food to homeless and vulnerable people.

Integration of Homeless People & Young People within Urban Public Space in Parramatta CBD
Parramatta City Council

JSA provided research and recommendations on key principles and directions for appropriate physical design and administrative processes to ensure the integration of marginalised groups; including homeless people, young people and other vulnerable people, in public spaces within the Parramatta CBD.

Responding to Homelessness: Australian and International Case Studies
Parramatta City Council

We explored approaches of 17 local governments, in Australia and overseas, to address homelessness in their local area to inform the development of a range of strategies for Parramatta City Council that could be effectively employed and have a tangible impact on reducing or mitigating homelessness in the local area.