Dr Stubbs has provided expert evidence on the social and economic impacts of a range of development proposals in the NSW Supreme Court, NSW Land and Environment Court, NSW Liquor Administration Board, Victorian Supreme Court and Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Dr Stubbs has particular expertise on matters related to affordable housing, boarding houses, backpackers’ accommodation, aged care and seniors living, and other sensitive land uses such as licensed premises, gaming venues and sex services premises.

JSA has been involved in a number of important cases that have further defined the nature of social impact assessment, the public interest and relevant methodologies.

Suh v Liverpool City Council and Casula Community Group for Responsible Planning Inc No. 2 [2016] NSWLEC 1596
Liverpool City Council

Dr Stubbs provided expert opinion of the likely social impacts of a proposal to develop a hotel on the Hume Highway at Casula. The assessment considered social and economic impacts in the locality, the suitability of the site, the nature and reasonableness of public submissions regarding the proposal and related matters in the public interest.

The applicant’s appeal was dismissed, with the Court finding that the risk of adverse social impacts of the proposal outweighed the potential benefits.


Rianon Mateer v Lane Cove Council [2014] NSWLEC 1152
Mr Rianon Mateer

Dr Stubbs provided expert opinion on social planning matters for the applicant of a proposed 20 room ‘new generation’ boarding house in Lane Cove under the requirements of the State Environmental Planning Policy (Affordable Rental Housing) 2009.  The applicant’s appeal was upheld, with the Court finding that the benefit of providing affordable housing to low and moderate income earners in the area outweighed a slightly increased risk of adverse social impacts.


Motto Farm Pty Limited v Port Stephens Council [2011] NSWLEC 1293
Port Stephens Council

JSA provided comprehensive expert evidence on social planning and the likely social and economic impacts proposed change of use of part of an existing restaurant and motel to a hotel on the Pacific Highway at Heatherbrae.

Dr Stubbs provided expert social planning evidence and John Storer provided expert evidence regarding the economic impacts and risk assessment of road and pedestrian safety associated with the proposal.

The applicant’s appeal was dismissed, with the Court finding that the potential impact on pedestrian safety and the proximity of disadvantaged groups in the immediate locality, many of whom lack vehicle availability, warranted refusal.