We provide expert advice on planning, design and management strategies of housing, spaces and service delivery to people with special needs including older people, those with a disability, people with experience of homelessness and Indigenous Australians.

Economic Analysis of Common Ground projects
Family and Community Services NSW

JSA carried out two research projects in partnership with UNSW exploring the costs and benefits of two models of supported housing for people with experience of homelessness, the Elizabeth Street Common Ground project in Melbourne and the Camperdown Common Ground project in Sydney. Both projects estimated the social cost of homelessness and used this for a comparator to assess the costs and benefits across society of six different models for supported accommodation for people with experience of homelessness.

Sustainable Solutions for Affordable and Secure Housing for our Ageing and Disabled People
Combined Pensioners and Superannuant’s Association

JSA developed a comprehensive evidence-based housing policy for the CPSA that articulated the issues, obstacles, opportunities and options that actively impact on housing choices for those over 50 and on low incomes and adults with a disability. This policy informed CPSA engagements with government and housing providers, and in submissions to government.